About Jeseekia

Jeseekia Vaughn also known as MetaDevGirl is a Software Engineer primarily contributing to tech as a startup CTO, Coding Bootcamp Instructor, and Tech Community Leader. She knows firsthand what it’s like to launch and grow a career in software without a Computer Science degree. Although she got a tremendous amount of fulfillment out of solving problems as a Software Engineer for various startups, she felt an obligation to remove friction for others on a similar journey. For her that includes teaching with and leading tech education non-profits for adults as well as mentoring youth interested in the field and creating tech content through podcasting and live streaming. Jeseekia has previously worked as a Software Engineer building web applications, microservices, and cloud-based vehicle connectivity APIs and IoT integrations. Jeseekia is most notably involved in Detroit Black Tech and their annual Hacking With The Homies Developer Conference and as a Board Member for Girl Develop It.