Eric Thomas is an entrepreneur, storyteller, social commentator, brand strategist, artist, and self-taught designer. His life is one that proves many things can be true at once and no one is defined by any one part of their identity. During his career he has worked with hundreds of businesses and organizations to help them develop their brands, connect to their markets, and grow in ways they did not know was possible. Known for his unique perspective, engaging communication style, and sharp sense of humor, Eric has made a name for himself as a speaker, writer, and adept networker.

His blog on LinkedIn has experienced tremendous success with over 3 million reads and been republished across the globe. As an entrepreneur, he and his business partner have built the unique “storytelling agency” Saga which has generated over 1.4 million dollars in revenue, servicing municipalities, museums, cultural institutions and national corporations. He’s proud that during Saga’s lifespan, over 60% of the vendors and employees have been people of color and women, proving that the pipeline issue in media is more about access and intention than lack of talent.

The growth of Saga and reach of his blog has turned a new page in his entrepreneurial journey. He’s rapidly become a sought after speaker, engaging audiences around the country on the topic storytelling, marketing, and business at TedXDetroit, The Digital Summit, the Industrial Design Society of America to name a few. Eric has also been honored to write for local, national, and international publications including Hour Magazine, The Detroit News, and Financial Times, with his work and commentary cited by the New York Times, The Economist and Adweek.