Our Mission

IXD2 is an annual celebration that seeks to bring together individuals who share an interest in the digital craft, culture, and community. This event provides a platform for attendees to participate in a wide variety of workshops, talks, and networking sessions that are aimed at fostering collaboration and improving the skills of those who work in the digital realm.

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to attend workshops on various topics, such as user experience design (UX), customer experience(CX), and or anyone working in the digital space. The workshop and talks are designed to be interactive and engaging, providing attendees with practical skills and knowledge that they can apply in their work.

The speakers will discuss their experiences with cultivating community through craft and culture, celebrating community passions and influences, and how this has set them up for the future. The focus is on design and reimagining our legacy and embracing fresh faces for the future.

IXD2 is for anyone interested in the intersection of design, technology, and community building. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, IXD2 has something to offer everyone who is passionate about the digital spaces. The opportunity to see peers in real life at IXD2 is an opportunity for attendees to connect with other like-minded individuals in the industry. You never know where these connections go next. You can reach out to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate on projects.

The focus is on design and our legacy, to embrace fresh faces for the future. The speakers will discuss their experiences with cultivating community through craft and culture and how this has set them up to succeed.

About AIGA Detroit

AIGA Detroit has been a chapter of the national AIGA organization since 1986. The Detroit chapter has 325+ members with a network reaching out to the entire Michigan creative community including: designers, educators, art directors, web developers, printers, illustrators, photographers, artists and students. Through events, programs and initiatives, AIGA Detroit is demonstrating the value of design to businesses and the power of design in our culture. The Detroit Chapter is committed to the continued growth of an already vibrant, creative community and a rich design history here in Michigan.

AIGA Detroit

About Jon Yablonski

Jon Yablonski is a multi-disciplinary designer, speaker, writer, and digital creator based in Detroit metro. His passion is for designing digital tools that empower people and augment their abilities in order to achieve their goals. He’s had the opportunity to learn and grow from a variety of challenges throughout my career — from e-commerce platforms, mobile apps and internal products to HMI systems within state-of-the-art vehicle platforms.


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